Adventures In Python Debugging

Nick from Iron Bound Software
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Junior Developers, did they teach you debugging in school?

Python is a hot technology that is popping up everywhere. But what do you do when it stops working?

Adventures In Python Debugging is a new ebook that presents strategies and tips whether you are a new developer or just new to Python. Save time by getting a head start on knowing what to do first, and what tools work best.

Here’s a peek at some of the things you will learn about:

  • The basic steps of debugging (are you missing the most important step?)
  • Using Python’s built in debugger: How to use it and how to make it more awesome
  • Tools and techniques for unusual situations
  • Preventing bugs from reaching production
  • Stories of unusual problems
  • Tips for working with APIs

Included in the zip file:

  • PDF and EPUB versions of the book
  • A quick resources guide to help you get straight to the good stuff and get up and running with best tools available (many are open source and free!).
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Adventures In Python Debugging

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